Shane Madeya​ - LiveWell SWFL
Shane Madeya​ - LiveWell SWFL

Shane Madeya

Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science

Our Wellness Specialist

Shane Madeya, a Wellness Specialist with LiveWell  has always had a passion for health and wellness which led him to his studies following high school. Shane received his Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida. Shane recently moved back to the beautiful southwest Florida area and is excited to help the community in any way possible.

Shane’s two biggest motivations come from his tight knit family. His grandfather is currently living with Parkinson’s Disease, which is one of the many reasons Shane decided to pursue a field in health and wellness. Shane hopes to use his expertise to not only help his grandfather towards a happier, healthier life, but also many individuals and families throughout southwest Florida.

You will notice a sunflower tattoo on Shane’s forearm, this is to commemorate his mother, whom passed away before Shane received his degree. However, through it all, Shane remains positive and is excited to make an impact on many individuals’ lives. Shane’s passion is with him at all times.