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"Andrew has been working with my client for many months now and my client has significantly improved his strength and mobility. Not only that, but there are also far less falls, and there a great deal of stress lifted from my shoulders knowing he is regaining strength and balance. My client enjoys the workouts with Andrew and looks forward to the personalized routines presented. Andrew evaluates each session and customizes the workout to exactly what the client can tolerate for the day. Not only is Andrew professional, he is extremely passionate about his work. He does not simply go through the motions to accomplish what is required, he intentionally incorporates any and all opportunities to get the most out of the time spent together.

- Anonymous

"I have had Parkinson's Disease for a number of years. Andrew has deployed a workout routine for me that is increasing my physical and psychological strength to battle this frustrating disease. His interpersonal skills and caring personality make for both an exciting and exhausting daily workout!"

- Sue

"I have known Andrew for a short period of time and work with him three times a week. I am 89 years old and I am very pleased with progress being made this early in the process. He has a detailed program ready for each session and explains the reason for each session and movement. He is professional, patient, and persistent. I would recommend him to all."

- Bob

"After just two session with Andrew, I played the best the best tennis of my life, his attention to detail is unmatched."

- Nancy

"When I first met Andrew, yes I was impressed with his professionalism but I was still a bit nervous. By our third or fourth session, I began to realize Andrew had a deep understanding of how to strengthen safely, effectively even while having fun. What I respect most about Andrew is his ability to listen to my concerns and adjust the workout accordingly. The added benefit is that Andrew knows how to address a “flair up.” I always leave feeling one hundred times better than when I arrived. Finally, it is clear Andrew is without a doubt truly dedicated to his profession and his clients. Also, he is just an all around great guy!!"

- Anonymous

"Andrew is the very best trainer! He has been working with my husband who is 79 with memory issues. Andrew is very knowledgeable, kind and extremely aware of what my husband needs. I give Andrew an A plus and more! He is the best!"